Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Health and Safety

At Lakeside Book Company, we strive to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance. We do this by ensuring we have the programs, practices, and resources to help us protect our employees and visitors, and preserve our environment.

External Certifications

The report card of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe, environmentally sound workplace for our employees, communities and customers.

Global Quality

Quality is the foundation of our company culture and our business practices. The result: customers and professional organizations recognize Lakeside Book Company for exceptional quality in product and service.


Lakeside Book Company’s practices are built around an impactful concept: sustainability doesn’t have to mean choosing between being cost-effective and environmentally conscious. 

At Lakeside Book Company, we are passionate about helping our customers fulfill their vision. We have been in the book business for over 150 years because we deeply care about our craft and the services we offer. 

Books and the stories they hold are a meaningful part of life and culture for people around the world. This truth guides the work we do every day. 

Our focus is to put out the best possible product while protecting the environment, providing value to our associates, and serving our communities.

Dave McCree, CEO, Lakeside Book Company