We get your book where it needs to be

Before reaching your readers, your books need a place to stay. We offer state-of-the-art warehousing, inventory management and distribution.


Between printer and reader: A launchpad for your book

Before it arrives in the hands of your readers, your book needs to be stored in a safe location. Our distribution services store and distribute your book anywhere in the world. With over 4.3 million square ft of warehouse space and infinite digital space we are the country’s largest physical and digital book distributor.  

Our distribution service seamlessly integrates with your printer and the rest of your supply chain. We offer smart inventory management with automatic replenishment, allowing you to feel confident that you’ll never have too much or too little stock. Our focus is to maximize profits for publishers, who take 100% credit for sales. Our white-glove services are affordable and customizable, depending on your needs. We can send one book to a single customer or an entire pallet to a distributor. We offer stand-alone order management and distribution for publishers looking to offload menial tasks so they can focus on what they’re passionate about: publishing.