IP & Brand Protection

Piracy is for history books.

We offer robust IP and brand protection services to maintain the integrity of your book.


Protect your book anywhere, anytime.

Piracy is a serious and growing issue within the publishing industry. 

Our protection service, IntercepTag, is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge security solution available. 

InterceptTag allows you to secure your physical products and digital content from piracy. Its unique identifier lets you track and trace products anywhere in the supply chain. This state-of-the-art program allows you to quickly identify and solve issues that arise—no matter where in the world your book is.


Security & data to amplify your digital strategy.

Watermarking is the best way to confidently expand the reach of your book while ensuring its security. We offer advanced watermarking services that go beyond standard digital watermarking. 

Our process applies an invisible code to your book’s title. This code maps any pirated book back to the source within your supply chain or in the digital piracy ecosystem. Armed with channel-level intelligence, you can make better data-driven decisions about your digital strategy.

DRM Protection

Scalable digital security for any publisher.

Protecting a book and controlling the use of copyrighted material can be a heavy lift for publishers who provide digital content directly to consumers. Our scalable and efficient DRM protection product, DRM Protection, offers flexible levels of protection and control for publishers of any size and budget.