To us, every book matters. Every word. Every page. And every hand that helped build it. It’s how we craft remarkable and memorable books for readers around the world.

Since 1864, we have been innovating the printing industry. Today, we continue to push the art of book making to new frontiers, offering the highest quality books and services for publishers of all sizes.

In 1864, R.R. Donnelley started as a partner at a small printing company in Chicago. In the years that followed, he grew the company into one of the largest and most trusted printing service providers in the world.

As the decades passed, the company continuously expanded its services, and in 2016, LSC Communications was established to offer specialized solutions to publishers, brands, retailers, and merchandisers.

In 2020, Atlas Holdings acquired LSC Communications and created the Lakeside Book Company from the LSC Book division. Atlas operates a global family of manufacturing, distribution, service, and trading businesses. As a long-time printing and paper industry leader, Atlas is the ideal partner for Lakeside Book Company.